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Well-Networked Realtor
November 2017
In June I accepted a job out of state and needed to sell my home quickly in order to make the move. I called a few realtors and was basically told I was going to take an absolute beating selling a condo in the current market. This was not what I needed to hear. A friend of ours recommended Lisa. I made the call and a few hours later she stopped by to take a look at our place. She was 100% confident she was going to move this property regardless of what the other realtors stated or what the current market was doing. She also was fairly confident we would get close to asking because our place was so pristine. This gave me some hope that I was actually going to sell this place. Our property was listed around 10:30am on June 28, 2013. At 11:15am that same day the house was sold to a cash buyer. June 29, 2013 we signed the contracts and a week later we closed on the sale. That my friends is how a well-networked realtor sells a home. I would recommend Lisa to anyone looking to buy or sell a home. She is the best in my book and always will be.
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