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Wow what a guy!!
May 2019
Wow what a guy!! From the first house we saw with Dan we knew there was a comfort level and immediate establishment of trust. He was always available when we asked to see houses on the weekends because that was the only time my husband and I could view due to work. He was extremely patient and when asking questions he was super attentive, even in off hours he answered quickly and with detailed responses. He even went out of his way one night to come let me in through the Bluetooth key lock when I was locked out of our house for sale! Although we faced a few challenges, outside of everyone’s control, he kept us positive, was reassuring and increased his already stellar level of customer service. Through working with him we found our dream home and couldn’t be happier!! We cannot recommend him enough!! This is kind of person you want to work with. Thanks Dan for all you’ve done for us!
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